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High Security Hologram Laser Middle Checks

Forms Plus Inc. will provide the highest quality high security laser checks for your business at the lowest prices around. We make it easy to order personal checks online. Whether it's blank checks or customizable 3 to a page checks. Each allows you to enter your information and upload your company logo. We offer quick high quality printing and delivery. We guarantee your laser checks will be 100% compatible with your current accounting systems, including QuickBooks®, Peachtree® accounting systems.

Ultimate Secure Check Features & Benefits:

  • Visible Security Features: Heat-sensitive ink, visible embedded fibers, chemical-wash detection area and, true watermark.
  • Safety Hologram: Multi-dimensional foil seal with iconic eagle fused to the paper.
  • Anti-Copy Technology: High Security Checks are made with technology to prevent most copiers from creating a usable copy.
  • Image and Ink-Shifting Pantograph: The word "SECURE" appears when photocopied and the Verification Grid disappears.

Proofs provided within 24 Hours of Order Placement


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