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Forms Plus is your all-around leader in printing and graphics, but we also offer a great value on consignment supplies for your business. To help you get organized for consigning, we are going to share some of the top supplies that you will want to have on hand in your store.

While the purpose of consignment supplies is purely practical – to help ensure that your items are accurately priced and labeled correctly – Forms Plus Inc. knows that visuals are important for attracting customers as well. Our consignor supplies include register rolls and labels, tags, tag guns, tag gun needles for restocking, gift cards, and convenient printing services to keep your customers coming back for more.

Forms Plus is proud to make your shopping experience even easier. What more could your business do when you have the right supplies by your side? Working with us, you will get to see the difference.

Our Consignment Supplies

Check out our great assortment of consignor supplies that can make your labeling job simple. You and your employees can efficiently tag your products in a way that saves you time and money. Our consignment supplies and printing services set the industry standard, and after you place your first order, you will see why.


Our assortment of labels provides the perfect solution for your consignment supplies company. We have labels for jewelry and thermal labels for tagging almost anything on your shelves. Whether you hand write on your labels or scan them with Zebra tag printing, rest assured our high-grade products will hold strong. They will look great on your products, too.

Label Options from Forms Plus Inc:
  • Direct Thermal Label – LBTH LBL
  • Direct Thermal Label – LBTH1
  • Jewelry Bar Butterfly Thermal Labels – Jewl R
  • Jewelry Bar Butterfly Thermal Labels – Jewl
  • Laser Sheet Tags – Nonstick

Register Rolls:

Your Point of Sale (POS) machines will love our thermal paper! Forms Plus Inc. register rolls will fit in most POS machines. Our thermal rolls are guaranteed to work well with your POS machine, ensuring a quick and efficient checkout process. This means shorter waiting times for your clients and better customer service. You have our 100% guarantee that they will print crisp images of your transactions or reports.

Register Roll Options from Forms Plus:
  • 3 1/8 X 220’ Thermal Register Rolls


Our premium grade thermal tags stock is guaranteed with approved software vendors. You can choose from our variety of colors – including blue, red, purple, brown, green, pink, and more. Our jewelry butterfly tags offer excellent durability and chemical resistance as well. They are great for rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other beautiful accessories in your shop for sale.

Tag Options from Forms Plus:
  • 1 Across Direct Thermal Tags
  • 2 Across Direct Thermal Tags
  • Split Color Rolls in Box Only – 1 Across Direct Thermal Tags
  • Split Color Rolls in Box Only – 2 Across Direct Thermal Tags
  • Direct Thermal Label – LBTH LBL
  • Direct Thermal Label – LBTH1
  • Jewelry Bar Butterfly Thermal Labels – Jewl R
  • Jewelry Bar Butterfly Thermal Labels – Jewl S
  • Laser Sheet Tags – Nonstick


Forms Plus Inc. has tagging guns and pricing guns that will make inventory hassle-free. As you tag every item in your store, you should feel confident that your equipment can keep up with you. Our equipment is quick, accurate, and ready to mark your new products. Along with the tagging gun, you will receive 1000 barbs, one needle, and free shipping all over the United States. Remember to keep Forms Plus Inc. in mind when you run out of needles. We help you out when the time comes to restock.

Equipment Options from Forms Plus Inc:
  • Tag Gun
  • Tag Gun Needles

Gift Cards:

These can drive a lot of revenue for your company. As a leading graphic design and printing company, Forms Plus Inc. can print your business logo or any design that you like on your store’s gift cards to capture the attention of your patrons. This way, your customers can keep coming back for more!

You can also choose to use gift cards as a marketing tool. Every time someone flips through their wallet or purse, they will see your brand, and it will remind them they have funds to spend at your store. Sell gift cards daily all year round see the impact they bring to your business. Gift cards are perfect for any occasions such as birthdays, holidays, and company giveaways.

Gift Card Options from Forms Plus Inc:
  • Comes with custom paper sleeve
  • High quality and durable plastic
  • Fast turnaround!

Choose Forms Plus Inc. For Your Consignor Supplies

No matter what kind of business you run, Forms Plus LLC can be your provider of quality consignor supplies. Get to know us as trusted partners you will see in a short period how we stand behind your brand.

We do not just have the best consignor supplies around. Forms Plus offers high quality printing services, graphics, signs, and banners to improve the look and feel of your company. We are a group of creatives who love what we do, so don’t be shy about taking advantage of our ingenuity!

Not only are we professional and provide outstanding products, but we have also taken care of thousands of companies' printing needs while earning their repeat business. Forms Plus Inc. has worked with small businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies alike, and we are happy to work with you. We would not have remained in business for over thirty years if we did not take care of our clients.

Shop our consignment supplies online and place your order today. The process is simple and straightforward. We will fulfill orders of all sizes across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Shipping is included in the price of delivering to businesses in the US. from Forms Plus Inc.

Contact our support team about your consignor supplies and printing services today at 1 (800) 241-2319 or have a chat with one of our helpful live representatives online. Or stop by one of our locations in Alpharetta, Suwanee, Duluth, and John’s Creek in Georgia.

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