Mail Plus 2.0

Get 4X More Out of Your Next Direct Mailing

Think of Mail Plus 2.0® as your average, every day direct mailing…. ON STEROIDS! We've packed four features into one all-inclusive package. Now, for the first time, you can send direct mail with mail tracking, automatic retargeting, and phone call tracking.

All of this is power-packed into one incredibly awesome bundle! Check it out:


1: Send!

We send your direct mailing to your selected recipients. No beating around the bush here folks! We get your perfectly crafted message right into your prospects' mailboxes at lightening speed. How fast is that?? We're glad you asked… on to step 2 please!

 Track it.

2: Track it.

Finally, barcode tracking is here! Using our innovative barcode tracking system, you will be able to track your direct mailing throughout the entire sending process. Log in at anytime to see exactly when you cards will deliver, so you can prepare for the huge increase in business. Once your pieces are delivered, the fun part begins… on to step 3.

Follow them

3: Follow them.

The mailing has been delivered. Now what? Now, you follow them. We have partnered with Google to allow you to present your direct mail image to your prospects online. Each prospect who visits your website from your direct mail piece will be tracked in our automatic retargeting system and followed around the internet reminding them of your awesomeness. This sweet little method makes it much easier for you to turn your engaged leads into juicy sales.


4: Track Phone Calls

We will track each call generated from your direct mailing. We use a unique phone number for each mail piece so you can track your results and assess the performance of each of your strategies. We will also record your sales calls so you can monitor the quality of your entire sales funnel. Boom!

We told you...

This bundle is power-packed!


Is this 2.0 version better than using Direct Mail alone?
Yes, yes, and yes again. We have fine tune each component of the 2.0 process to improve upon the pitfalls that regular direct mail faces. Use Mail Plus 2.0 if you're looking to easily increase the return on your investment and gain control over the entire direct mail process from start to finish… then Mail Plus 2.0 is just the choice for you.

Direct mail doesn't work for me, how can Mail Plus 2.0 fix this?
Direct mail can bring incredibly lucrative returns. But the pitfalls that leave room for profit loss are the reason we developed 2.0. With Mail Plus 2.0 you can not only measure the number of responses you get to measure campaign effectiveness. You can track the entire funnel. You will now know when your mail piece is sent, when it's due for delivery, and how many of your online visits and phone calls came from your mail piece. This brings the term knowledge is power to a whole new level.

How can I turn my regular direct mail campaign into a Mail Plus 2.0 campaign?
Boy are we glad you asked! That's super simple. Just contact your campaign manager and we will get you rolling asap.

Actual Results from a Mail Plus 2.0 Client


Mail Plus 2.0 is incredibly affordable. It will cost you just pennies per mail piece. Because we customize each campaign to your specific needs, we need to chat with you first to give you a custom quote tailored to your business. No sweat! The call will be quick, easy, and FREEE! Call 1 (800) 241-2319 to speak with an awesome campaign manager today!

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