Why Brochures Work

Brochures traditionally have been one of the most effective marketing tools. They can be printed in a wide range of sizes, pages, and folds to create the format that will best organize the contents to engage and persuade the reader. You can choose the paper stock and finish that reflects your brand or organization’s personality and aligns with the brochure’s purpose.

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Prospects value and trust brochures

Even in today’s digital age, brochures continue to fill an important role. A 2016 survey conducted by the Bentley University Center of Marketing Technology, in conjunction with Visitor International, to understand the importance of tourism brochures indicated that brochures, maps, and travel guides were the #1 in-market influence. Six out of 10 visitors found brochures to be a tangible, easy-to-use hard copy of information. Fifty-nine percent believed brochures to be a trustworthy source. More than half of the survey respondents appreciated that brochures are convenient and always available.

No matter what product or service you are promoting, brochures often include a personal touch, giving them an advantage over online marketing. They are an excellent way to provide details during an in-store encounter or at a trade-show. Once in the hands of a prospect, brochures tend to be kept within reach – on a desk or table – making them easier to access than trying to find info they may have stumbled across earlier on the Internet. Prospects can then go back and review the info whenever it’s convenient. Studies also show that printed material is less annoying than pop-ups on the computer.

Size and format: Critical to success

Let us help you create the brochure that will meet your organization’s objectives as well as your budget. Choose from sizes (before folding) ranging from 5.5 x 8.5 to 11 x 17, with folds in the following styles:

(Can we show diagrams of folds?)

  • Half-FoldM
  • TriFold/Letter-Fold
  • Z-Fold
  • Gate-Fold
  • Accordion-Fold (4 panels)
  • Roll-Fold (4 panels)

We offer a choice of glossy paper in standard 80-lb. weight, heavier but bendable 100-lb. weight, and rigid 14-pt. cardstock.

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