Standard Postcards

With smartphones and other electronic devices everywhere, you might think that your marketing budget would best be spent entirely on digital campaigns. But savvy marketers are realizing that direct mail combined with digital can multiply the response.

For instance, you could follow an introductory email with a simple and strategic postcard. Colorful and well-designed, it will stand out from the bills with dramatically less competition than an email blast. Readers can easily come back to the card, compared to an online promo, and use the call to action to place an order online or by phone.

According to a Canadian study, readers were able to recall a brand over 40 percent more often when a marketing email was followed by direct mail. Furthermore, when direct mail followed a digital display, reader arousal was 26 percent higher.

Let us help you create a powerful integrated marketing approach with cost-effective postcards. We offer a sturdy 14-pt. cardstock in a variety of sizes and finishes.

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